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Cindy has been writing music that inspires and encourages listeners for over 20 years. She has learned from professional songwriters, arrangers and producers who are amazingly talented and generous with their developed gifts.

The purpose of this website is to connect people of faith with music that aligns with their beliefs, promotes general well-being, increases hope and bring joy to the listeners. You!

As new songs get added, some will be available at no cost. Find them in the FREE section of the MY SONGS menu. These pieces of sheet music and recordings are for sharing with your choir members, family, and friends.


Other items will be for sale and are NOT to be copied and shared with others. Rather, share YouTube videos and this website where they can purchase their own copies.

Thank you for listening. :)


Family picture fun in 2023.


Cindy Goulding and Dr. Shon Goulding DC in Morgan, Utah.

The Immanuel choir!

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